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  • Superlux HD681 – Now Available For Just £12 Shipped // Update, price now £16.


    The HD681 headphones from Superlux have been available for some years now, and reviews across the board praise them for their fairly neutral sound and cheap price. If you’re after headphones with a premium look and feel then these are not not for you – they’re pretty lightweight, plasticy and fairly cheap feeling. Having said that, […]

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  • Pisen HD500 – All Metal HiFi Headphones


    Pisen are a name that comes up regularly when browsing for USB gadgets, powerbanks and cheap headphones – in fact the Malaysian company were the first pioneers of the portable powerbank back in 2004. They supplied their prototype powerbanks to the 137 Chinese scientists and researchers who journeyed to the South Pole to build an observation station 4039 metres above […]